Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Them Are Fighting Words

Acts 4:11-12 makes an assertion that is highly offensive to modern Americans (and many other cultures as well).  The Bible says that Jesus is the only person who can save us; no one else can.  This means that anyone who does not hear about, believe in and treasure Jesus is not saved.  To put it more bluntly, without Jesus you will go to hell.

This raises two major issues for us to think about.  First, we need to be bold.  We need to be willing to stand up and proclaim this truth.  It is not loving to our Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, secular, or even "christianized" friend to let them think they are going to heaven when they care nothing about Jesus.  We must proclaim Him.  We must do it even when the people around us accuse us of being unloving and intolerant.

Second, we must do much more to spread the name and fame of Jesus. We must make it a priority to tell the people groups who have never heard of Jesus about Him.  We must make the sacrifices necessary for them to hear - otherwise, they will not be saved.  Will you pray for the unreached?  Will you give so that others may tell them about Jesus?  Will you go yourself?  These are all things we must think about and do if we believe this verse and we love our Lord and neighbor.

No matter what other people believe or think - we must proclaim Jesus.  But, please don't forget to do it with love!  We are not out to win an argument, take over a country, restore our dream of some perfect society.  We want our friends and neighbors to find salvation in Jesus. For them to do so, we must speak of Him in love.  Who are you going to talk to today?

Grace and peace,
Pastor Mike

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