Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God's Case Against America

I do not desire God's judgment on America, but I can't help but think we deserve it -- especially when I read Ezekiel 22. I recognize that America is not Israel. We are not God's covenant nation. We are not even a Christian nation (biblically, there is no such thing).

However, all nations are accountable to God. If you read through the prophets you will notice that God does judge all the nations, even those that don't recognize Him as God.

Now, consider some of the crimes Israel committed that led to God's judgment.

  • They shed blood. The government even encouraged it (Eze 22:6). Can anyone say abortion?
  • They had no respect for parental authority (Eze 22:7)
  • They oppressed and extorted the powerless (Eze 22:7)
  • They were sexually immoral (Eze 22:10-11)
  • They collected unfair profits (Eze 22:12)
  • Most importantly, they forgot God (Eze 22:12)
Can you honestly look through this list and say that as a nation America is not guilty of the exact same things?

If we want to avoid God's judgment, we need to repent and pray for both reformation in the church and revival outside the church.

In Christ
Pastor Mike

P.S. I do believe that God is already judging America. Read through Romans 1:18-32 if you disagree. I pray that we will come to our senses before His judgment increases.